Love, heartbreak

and everything in between

Thoughts on the big and small moments of our everyday lives

Reflections, poetry and insight for more wisdom, clarity and love


I'm Danielle Bertoli 

I'm a director of a small, not for profit, alternative high school and an aspiring author living in New York.

I created Struck Inside Out back in 2014 when I decided that all of the personal stories I was writing about in my journals may actually help some people who were going through something similar. 


I remember growing up and feeling like I was the only person who had ever felt her emotions to such a strong degree; I used to think that girl was too connected to her feelings. Now, I honor and embrace that woman as I know my ability to feel so profoundly is one of my greatest blessings. 

The Podcast

Hosted by Writer and Blogger, Danielle Bertoli, Struck Inside Out offers honest, powerful stories on life, love, relationships, and spirituality. Each episode brings you positive insight, tips on being your best and happiest self, and advice on cultivating gratitude for all of life’s moments. Danielle believes if you consciously choose your thoughts, you happily create your life.

I'm a big believer in the power of your thoughts. When you're conscious of the thoughts you're thinking and the emotions you're feeling, you become the creator of your life. What you choose to think and feel on a daily basis is a reflection of who you are and what space you live your life from.

My meditations are great for both the morning and night - to begin and end your day with positivity, insight, love, and conscious creation. I hope they inspire you to live your best life.


 Scaring Away the Sunday Scaries One Thought at a Time

Do you get anxiety on Sundays thinking about the workweek ahead? Do you not enjoy your entire weekend because you're already worrying about Monday? 

Join the club to get rid of your Sunday Scaries. Every Sunday receive an inspiring and motivational email  to help you get mentally and emotionally prepared for a new week.

The week ahead isn't just another week, it's your life. How do you want to live it? What space will you choose to live from?

The choice is yours. Let me help you choose wisely.

Bye bye,

Sunday Scaries 

let's work together


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A Night for Dreamers

Have you ever wanted to join a mastermind? Are you looking for a group of like-minded women who can support and encourage you to not only set goals, but accomplish them? 

A Night for Dreamers is an accountability group that meets once a month in person or online. You'll meet women who have big dreams for their lives and are ready to make plans to accomplish their goals.


If you want change, positive growth, honest feedback, lasting results, and soulful connections in 2020, then

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Make 2020 Your Year 

"Danielle and this amazing group helped me to discover my dreams 

and the goals I would need

to set to accomplish them. Being part of this community also allowed me to meet women who are going through similar challenges & experiences as I am. I proved myself wrong and achieved what I once

never thought I would, all while meeting some incredible women to cheer me on along the way."

-Christina P.


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