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Throwing Away the Script

There are certain sayings in life that never seem to get old despite the many times we repeat them throughout our lives. For example, we usually start the week off by having the “Monday blues,” leading into “hump day” Wednesday, and finally into the ever-prevailing question, “is it Friday yet?”

Even in our passing conversations with others we tend to stick to this rote dialogue consisting of only the bare minimum, scarcely breaking the surface of real, authentic human connection.

I’d say nine times out of ten we don’t actually respond to “how are you?” with how we’re actually doing. If we did happen to say something other than “good,” I’m not sure how far the conversation would really go after that. We’ve become strangely accustomed to this robotic way of communicating with others, and even more-so, communicating with our own lives.

The majority of people in the world live for their weekends; the days that exist in between get lost somewhere in time and space and end up being meshed together with all the other days we rushed so we could get to the weekend.

No wonder we always ask ourselves where all the time goes, we’re often too busy thinking about the end of our days before we’ve even started the beginning. This rat-race mindset is our own ruthless dictator, proselytizing us to live for the future.

The real answer to “where does all the time go?” is that it exists in the days we tend to lose sight of, the days we want to lose sight of. If we live the five out of seven days of the week somewhere else, distant and far away from our present surroundings, then we are literally giving up a large portion of our lives that could be spent actually living.

There are more things to be excited about in life than we think. It just takes a little re-conditioning of our normal mindsets to see the beauty that is evident in all things. When life seems to become stale and mundane, it should probably be chalked up to the fact that we’ve allowed ourselves to live in such tiny parameters, following this recycled routine week after week.

Take a moment to look at your current surroundings. Whether you’re sitting at your desk at work, reading this on your phone while waiting for an appointment, or laying comfortably in bed before going to sleep at night, life is happening all around you.

It’s how we decide to see the things happening around us that determines who we are and how we want to live our lives. Life doesn’t have an on or off switch, but we have the option of flicking the switch from out of the darkness and into the light.


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