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Finding Divinity in the Ordinary

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I lay in bed staring at the white ceiling, feeling the sun glare its rays through the blinds, and I wait until I take three deep breaths to raise my chest and plant my feet on the ground. I let gratitude slide down my spine and baptize my body with a freshened awareness for the new day.

I begin the normal routine of splashing water on my face, brushing my teeth, making a cup of coffee, opening the windows to let fresh air in, and getting myself ready for work. Today feels the same as yesterday; I'm going about the traditional order of things, yet trying to find divinity in the ordinary.

We can spend day after day doing the same things, speaking with the same people, thinking the same thoughts, and never fully realize that our moment of being fully alive, happy and well isn't at the end of our week or during our next vacation, but right now.

To find divinity in the ordinary and seek sanctity in the familiar is what separates a banal life from an exceptional one. If we are to live solely growing off the graces of the pleasurable moments, the freedom in Friday to Sunday or in our future escapes, then we're missing all of the treasures that exist in between those spaces.

We're warriors during the week; we battle constant distractions, waver the unknown, rise when we want to remain still, and encompass the highs and lows of being human. There's honor, virtue and growth in that. We place so much value on the moments where we're rescued by our own breaking away of the quotidian that we forget how essential those in between moments are.

What would we be without them? Where would any stretching and moving occur without the occassional morning angst, the fear of continuing forward and the desire to simply stay put? These are our triggers. These are the buttons we push that bring us to a heightened awareness of ourselves. Without them, we wouldn't expand.

We need the in between; we need the rough spaces. We need them not only to bring us back to the light, but to remind us of the duality of our beings. The beauty of our beings. The potential to be more at peace than we ever conceived.

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