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To the Start of a New Day

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

To the start of a new day...

Thank you for a clean slate; a fresh start; another chance at learning, growing and evolving.

Thank you for the blanket that warms me, the pillow to rest my head, the bed that holds me, the window for the sun to peek its rays into.

Thank you for my feet that support me as I get out of bed, my arms that reach for the ceiling as I stretch into the early morning hours, my long hair that I run my fingers through, my teeth that I brush, and the face that I cleanse. I am healthy, I am whole, I am complete. Thank you for this.

Thank you for the clean running water that wakes me with its wintry chill and for the breeze that grazes my cheek from the slight opening in the window. These sensations remind me that I am alive. I am well.

Thank you for my fridge filled with food, my coffee pot to help energize me for work, my car that I listen to music in during my drive to work, the safety of another trip to my office.

Thank you for my desk, for the office that I work out of so that I can support myself, for the bills I can afford, for the opportunity to plan dinners, nights out and vacations with my income.

Thank you for my coworkers, my staff, my boss, for the opportunity to get to know other people while I work. Thank you for the ability to connect with other souls and to share my light with those around me. These relationships are in my life for a reason and I will value their presence.

Thank you for the occasional stress, the worrisome thought, the fear of change - these emotions remind me to realign myself with what's true and to not push away the feelings that reside within me, for each emotion has its purpose.

Thank you for the chance to share my talents, my ideas, my own, unique perspective at the place of work that I choose.

Thank you for the setting of the sun, for the sweet, winter sky, for the moon that shines and reminds me of life's many mysteries.

Thank you for the warm apartment I come home to, for the people I love that reside in my home, for the space that reflects my inner temple.

Thank you for the ordinary, the sometimes routine, and normal flow of life.

Thank you for my dreams, both in my sleep and while awake, for the possibility of more, the prospect of the new, for the endless beauty and wealth that is always around me.

Thank you for my one cherished life.

Thank you for the opportunity to be myself in a world full of so many other searching souls.

I am grateful for this, for all that is and all that will be.

Thank you.

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