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I Would Tell You...

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I would tell you to run, to discover new terrain to unravel, but maybe you need to stay put.

I would encourage you to go out there and learn more about yourself, but there's wisdom in the stillness.

I would urge you to spend your one, precious life breathing in all that's new, exciting and refreshing, but the old, outdated and worn have their treasures, too.

I should have told you to follow your heart, even when it feels like the uncomfortable decision to make.

I should have let you know that it's okay to not know. It's okay.

I should have reminded you that all is happening exactly as it's supposed to. You're not making mistakes.

I could offer you advice; I could tell you which way to go, but you've already heard me. You're free to choose.

I could tell you that you're wasting your time; not doing enough; giving more than receiving; loving more than accepting; hurting more than happy; but you need to learn this, my dear.

I want to tell you that there's more than this - in your wildest dreams you couldn't imagine how happy you can be, but in growth and in time, you will come to meet your bliss.

I wish for you to live this life in all its glory - the sun will shine on the base of your back and the rain will wash over you - revel in both, my love.

I hope you choose your heart.

I hope you listen to the stirrings of your own spirit.

I hope you find in others what you are seeking in yourself.

I hope you see yourself in your search to be seen by others.

I hope you love.

I hope you listen.

I hope you choose what feels right.

I hope you know that this is all perfect.

You are here.

You are now.

You are all that is.

Remember this.


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