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How Do You See Yourself?

Are you ever trying to see the world with new eyes?

Do you ever wish you could swap perspectives with someone you admire?

Do you ever wonder how it's so easy for some people to go through life when you sometimes feel stuck or lack in certain areas?

I think we all feel this way from time to time. I know I certainly do!

We're thinking, growing and evolving beings (whether we realize it or not) that are always trying to reach for a heightened perspective, a better way of living and a freshened sensation of what we deem to be ordinary or familiar.

What we often forget is that we are SO much more powerful and capable than we make ourselves out to be. We go through life believing certain qualities about ourselves - qualities that are usually given to us by other people.

We've heard that we are: shy, outspoken, judgmental, intelligent, not that smart, outgoing, introverted, good under pressure, can only handle so much, sensitive, thick skinned...whatever characteristic it is that you've heard about yourself.

If we listened to this kind of commentary about ourselves from when we were children, we're likely to have carried this idea of ourselves into adulthood, and consequently, we base our idea of ourselves and our perspective of life around it. If we believe everything we hear about ourselves, including our own self judgments, then we can limit our full experience of life.

For example, my Dad always loves to tell our family the story of when my older sister and I were on a softball team together as kids. When we would be playing in the outfield, my sister would have knees bent, eyes on the batter and her hand beating into her mitt. If you were to look over at me, I was glancing back at the trees behind me or looking up to the clouds in the sky, lost in my own day dream.

This kind of perspective of me being the daydreamer or as my mom likes to call it, the "lollygagger," has been both a positive attribute about myself and also something that made me feel like I was out in left field, not fully driven or motivated. (No pun intended).

If I genuinely took some of that commentary to heart and filtered it into my everyday life then maybe I wouldn't work as hard as I do today and rather just believe that it's in my nature to not be focused.

That's just one small example of this, (albeit, a memory that makes me laugh) but I encourage you to question/challenge everything you've ever thought or felt about yourself and to ask yourself if your self judgments are true to who you are today, in this moment. Is the way you perceive yourself really your perspective or is it your parents, partner's or friends? Are you setting the bar for yourself at the sky or on the floor?

If you could use a reset on your perspective of things then look to the one with the set of eyes who's gaping out into this big ol' world of ours. (Hint, hint: You!)

You, my dear, have the creative power and potential to choose how you want to view yourself and this world. If you admire the manner in which someone else views the world and in turn lives their life, then you too can experience this same kind of ease.

All it takes is tapping into yourself.

How do you want to feel?

How do you want to live?

How can you get yourself there?

All it takes is a thought.

Thoughts are seeds.

Seeds grow into action.

Your actions make up your life.

Your life can move mountains.

It's up to you to choose.


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