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The Thing About Heartbreak...

The thing about heartbreak is that nothing can prepare you for it. There is no road map to tell you where to start and where you'll end up. There are no directions to follow; no hand to hold; no sense of when things will get better.

The thing about losing someone is that you begin to not trust yourself; your head becomes crowded with doubts - all the should have's, could have's, and what if's. Nothing feels safe, secure and familiar anymore.

What they don't tell you growing up is that enduring a heartbreak is like walking into the fire with eyes wide open. There is nothing to shield you; no barriers or blockades to raise. All you have is yourself and the beating of your tired heart.

The thing about mourning is that it comes in both ripples and tidal waves. You could be standing in line at the grocery store, talking with a friend or reading a book, and out of nowhere your heart stops beating, your body heats and fear seizes your veins.

The thing about being alone again is that even through the newly born solitude, discoveries are made each day. Some reap awareness, some garner ache, some even lead you into the dark underbelly, but all are meant to be.

What I wish someone would have told me is that even in moments when your world seems to crumble around you; even when you can't find the words to describe your current state; even when the dreaded night comes; that there is a light at the end of this thing. That through this darkness, you are sustaining unimaginable growth.

Heartbreak, my dear, is not a path to be rushed but a trail to be walked upon. Observe the flowers. Take in the sky. Watch the birds careening midair. Breathe in yet another new season. This life is not meant to be linear, rather it's nature is of crests, surges, tides, and swells.

Learn to swim with it rather than against it. Become one with its unpredictability. Understand its constant changes.

When you allow the water to run, you purify yourself of all that needed cleansing.

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