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I Want a Lover

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I want a lover

a lover who not only sees me

but knows me

the way that flower

knows its root

the way the moon

knows its luminescence

the way those birds

know the current of the wind

I want someone to peel me open

like the skin of an orange,

the flesh of its shell

and drink me whole

I want a lover

who digs into me

with hands scouring hills

fingernails laden in lust

lips wet with hunger

eyes wide open

I want this

the way you want me

I see this

from the longing in your eyes

the way your tongue

licks your lips

how you harbor

a sadness inside

I'm still waiting for you

to show me

what it's like to be known

how it feels to be seen

and I want you,

and only you,

to show me

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