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You Are the Moth, I Am the Flame

i've met your kind before

dark and hollow

predictable yet intriguing

it always seems authentic

when it begins

the right words



and stares





as though

this were meant to be

but there is always that one moment

when you shift gears

and the light

hits your face

in just the right way

where i can see

that you are no good

for me

but even in the moment

where truth is born

i still find ways

to make myself stay

to believe the lie

to think that it is i

who can change you

why do i always want to change you?

how is it always your kind that finds me?

what is it about me

that wishes

to fix

what is broken?

maybe i'm broken too

and you see your other half

in me

but i am no half

no smaller part

of a whole

i am

the whole


i only need me

you see

you are the moth

i am the flame

and i am learning

just as you have

to burn to ashes

all of which

no longer

serves me

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