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Embracing Complete Acceptance for All That Is

I felt the energy of complete acceptance for all that is this morning.

I wasn't rushing, controlling or forcing anything to be different than it is. I simply trusted where I am. I loved who I am. I embraced the path I'm on. I welcomed this beautiful new moment I'm always reveling in.

Most days I feel this urgency to create and produce - to push myself further into where I desire to be. But this morning I didn't feel the need to propel myself into a future I know I'll inevitably meet.

I simply sat with the blessings of everything I've created thus far. I trusted with my whole heart that whatever I'm meant to be doing, whoever I'm meant to be with, and wherever I'll end up can never miss me. It will find me, just as I inch closer toward it.

How beautiful of a realization is that? To not always race toward where you believe you're supposed to be, rather embody everything that you currently are. Doesn't that energy feel more inviting than the perpetual chase of a different life?

There is divinity in who you are now, precisely because of who you are.

There is grace in where you are now, precisely because of where you are.

There are blessings in everything that is, precisely because of all that is.

Trust and love who and where you are now, without always looking toward the horizon.

You are beautiful.

You are perfect.

You are exactly where you are meant to be...now.


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