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Nature's Undoing

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Nature had taught her everything she knew and when she needed to learn it again, she would venture into the wilderness and listen. Trees harbored secrets that passing winds could whisper. Dawn rising lit paths that trailed off into the wise woods. A single robin’s flight led the solitary route. Insects crawling through soil showed the intricacy of a smaller life.

She too, sometimes, felt small, but she also knew what it was like to live loud and with no concern. Like the storm that was heading toward her, she was a primitive force, reckless and untamed. Ready to be drenched, unraveled, in the cold, hardened rain.

Nature always replenishes, recycles. Everything has its season. Nothing is permanent and yet everything remains.

She wouldn’t be alone in the forest forever. She knew to wait for the sky’s clearing. Seek refuge in the blackened night. Allow darkness to settle. Summon all the coyotes and wolves.

It’s in her own undoing, through her beckoning of the wild within, that she will come to meet herself. 

For the land there is untouched, pure, lucent, as she too, will be again.


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