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How Did You Get to Where You Are?

Do you ever stop and think about how you got to where you are?

I went for a run this morning and was thinking about everything that I had to do today. There were about ten things on my list that I had to complete for my job and another five that were personal related tasks. Whenever my mind mulls over To-Do lists, I get tense and fidgety and feel like everything has to get done right this minute.

Then, like clockwork, my mind pushes forward into the future and hypotheticals:

"If only I was (insert your dream job and life here), then I wouldn't feel this way. Things would be so much easier if that was my life already!"

I began thinking about my life now - my job, home, relationships - and what things were like for me five years ago. I was thinking how before I became the director of an alternative high school, I was freelance writing and working in the restaurant industry.

I was hired to teach a writing class at an alternative high school through the connection of a friend I'd know for years. That same friend recommended me for the position of director which I've now been for almost five years. The impact and growth that I've experienced in this position has taught me so much as a leader and as a human being. It's altered my perspective of the education system and opened my eyes to the power of our youth.

Then I was thinking about the apartment that I live in and how if it weren't for knowing the person who lived here before me, I wouldn't have found the perfect home for myself. Living alone has helped with me with self-discipline, focus and simply embracing my alone time. (It also pushed me to finally teach myself how to cook!)

Lastly, I was thinking how I spent so much time writing blog posts and creating content for Struck Inside Out over the last five years, sometimes wondering if all of my efforts would ever "pay off" (whatever that means, anyway). Those blog posts, plus more, are now the foundation of a book I've compiled and am trying to get published.

When your mind focuses on the future and believes that your happiness exists at a later date, you're robbing yourself of YOUR story, this moment, how you got to where you are, and the magic that's threaded throughout every encounter. You don't know who or what in your life right now is going to lead you to the next stage of your journey.

If you couldn't imagine yourself being where you are now, remember the older version of yourself that would be thrilled to see what you've turned into. Now picture yourself in a year or five years from now, the same will undoubtedly happen again. Things are always changing - that's the one constant in this life.

When you can release control, let go, give in, and simply trust that everything is working for your highest good, that what is for you will never miss you, that you are exactly where you're meant to be, then life will be a more enjoyable experience.

Cultivate faith and know that your life will be better than you can ever imagine. Trust that it's GOING TO BE better than you can ever imagine. It's all up to you in how you see it.

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