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How to Be Grateful for Everything Right Now

"Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals.  If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more?” -Roy T. Bennett

I came across this quote the other day and it really struck me...inside out. (Just kidding - wink emoji).

It really did sit with me for awhile though. It made me think about how part of my perspective of myself and life is based on what I consume through social media, which consequently affects how I "rate" my life.

We've become so accustomed to looking at other people's lives on social media that we subconsciously devalue our individual journeys in the pursuit of having what other people possess. We place our happiness in a future goal or circumstance and forget the joy that exists in the exact circumstances of our lives right now.

The funny thing is, most people are aware that when scrolling through Instagram, you're seeing the best aspects of people's lives. No one's perfectly curating a beautiful photo of their messy kitchen, the pimple they woke up to, or the argument they got into with their partner. No one's sharing the ordinary, everyday moments that make up just as much of our lives as the "Instagram worthy" ones do.

Lately, I bring myself back to focusing on what makes my life magnificent and remembering everything that I feel grateful for:

My healthy, loving and supportive family.

My creative, funny and loyal friends.

My cozy and warm apartment that's my favorite place to be.

My job that helps young people discover confidence and purpose within themselves, 

My second job that I love and meet so many interesting people at, that also helps me enjoy more of life.

My brand, this platform, my community, YOU.

My solitude, this current space of being alone and coming to understand myself better.

My dreams, the prospect of more, the belief in the not yet tangible, cultivating magic in the most seemingly ordinary moments.

I feel immensely grateful for how much I have, and that list isn't even a quarter of it. I'm aware of the blessings and love that I'm graced with, that many other people haven't experienced.

Yet lately, there are more times than none, where I ask myself when my time will come, when my dreams will come to fruition, when it's my turn to be recognized. And although I catch myself in these moments of lack and disconnect to the nature of who I want to be, I'm still human and feel frustrated - which brings me back to the beginning quote of this newsletter.

If I'm not happy with where I am right now - if I'm not truly happy - then why do I think I'll be happier when I fulfill my goal? When I find an agent, publish my book, and step into a new life? 

Although you might have different goals than I do, I'm sure the same narrative runs through your mind some days, too. You might think that once you get the promotion, make more money, find the perfect partner, move to a new city, go on vacation, lose twenty pounds, or purchase that item you've had your eye on for awhile, then...you'll be truly happy.

The truth is, this moment, right now, is what you've been waiting for.

In some distant past, you once wished to be exactly as you are, right now. You're living the dream you once envisioned before. Why rush through this moment?

This moment is your life. 

Why speed up the process of your own becoming and unfolding, when there's so much to enjoy about who you are, right now?

Can we all just take a moment and breathe in this beautiful moment we're all experiencing?

Can we pause, reflect, smile, and trust that we are exactly where we're meant to be - that anything that's for us can never miss us?

Can we stop looking at other people's lives and comparing our journey to theirs? 

Our journey is OUR journey. No one else's. Don't let comparison rob you of the beauty of your own precious life.

Don't compare.

Simply reflect and cultivate grace.

This moment is your life. Please choose to love it and love yourself. For you only go through this once. 

Enjoy the journey.

Your journey.


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