I Hope One Day to Live by the Sea

I hope one day to live by the sea.

If not the sea,

then a garden.

If not a garden,

then nestled in the woods.

Trees as my protectors.

Cardinals, robins and the white tailed deer,

my neighbors.

A quiet stillness to welcome me

every day

into the beauty

of my life.

I would be content with this -

a cottage camouflaged in vines,

furtive pathways toward the silky pond,

a night sky drenched in starlight.

I wouldn't need to return

to the world of

buying and selling

doing and producing.

All I need is this:







a lush oasis

deep inhales

longer exhales

newborn air filling my lungs

the moon in her fullness

the sky in her vastness

this world in all its wonder.


a return to the sacred.

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