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I Miss, I Wish...You Well

I woke up this morning

missing you.

I miss the way you'd stare,

your eyes like lungs,

breathing me in.

I miss your hands,

how you always knew

where to place them -

when to move the tips

of your fingers

along the curve

of my back,

and when to settle

your palms

on mine.

I miss your sweetness,

your genuine desire

to make me happy.

I wish I recognized

that more then.

I wish I realized

how I'd never met

someone like you before -

how I'd never been treated

with such respect,



and care.

I miss the person

I was

when standing alongside you.


more beautiful,

less picky,

more willing

and open

to see

the light

under shadows,

and always


in your gaze.

What I miss the most

about you

are things I never realized

I wanted or needed

in love,

but are now small gaps

within me

waiting to be filled.

I guess what I'm saying

is that I wish I missed you


I wish I appreciated

all that you offered

so generously,

so patiently,

so quietly

for so long.

What I'm trying to say is

you are as full

and vast

and extraordinary

as you made me

believe I was,

and you deserve someone,

a love,

as great,




as you are.

I'm sorry that person

wasn't me,

but I know you'll find her,

and when you do,

if she makes you feel

a fraction

of how you loved me,

then you'll be home.


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