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Morning Magic

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I had the most beautiful morning yesterday. You know those mornings where you wake up and instantly feel excited to take on the day? When you can handle anything that's thrown your way with such grace and ease that it feels as though you're floating through the hours on an internal high? Those mornings where your demeanor is just so delighted you wish you could bottle that composure and preserve it forever?

I woke up to a glistening sun and warm breeze and hopped in my car to go to my favorite running spot (scroll through the photos above to see the magic of this place). I got there early, around 7:30am, so there weren't many people at the park yet. It felt as though I had the entire setting to myself. I walked for a little while before beginning my workout and as I walked, I took in my surroundings with new eyes.

I come to this park at least three times a week to run so I'm very familiar with all the trails, but for some reason it felt as though I was truly seeing everything for the first time. I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude and oneness with everything around me.

I stopped my run every couple of minutes to observe a new flower, to stand in a new patch of shade or sunlight I hadn't seen before, or to take a photo or video of the serenity I was experiencing. I would run, stop, run, stop, then run and stop some more - just following my instincts and seeing the magic in the world around me.

I listened to the crickets as though they were a choir of insects singing just for me.

I saw the birds soaring in unison overhead as flying for the mere enjoyment of dancing together in the sky.

I ran by rabbits scurrying across trails and chasing one another playfully into bushes.

I felt the sun stream through trees and sway amongst leaves before flickering across my feet.

I took in the crystals of light bouncing off the water's surface and saw alchemy in the tide.

Everything had a meaning, a purpose, a reason to intertwine with one another. Everything was in perfect unison, even me, just running in the midst of this peaceful morning.

I felt grateful to be alive.

I felt grateful to have more new days.

More new mornings.

More new experiences.

More trails to walk upon.

More warmth to breathe.

More life to live.

More love to feel.

More love to give.

I felt grateful to be here, in this life, now.

Exactly as I am, right now.

All is well.



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