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My First Solo Trip to Sanibel Island

I took my first solo trip to Sanibel Island in May and had one of the most amazing times of my life. It's now a month after I returned home and I'm still battling post-vacation blues.

Have you ever been on a trip that felt so incredibly aligned with your soul's truth that returning home to a fixed schedule and your "old" way of life felt wrong? Like resorting to your former lifestyle wasn't fitting for you anymore?

Vacations are so special because they elevate us from the ordinary and bring us into the sacred space where magic and creation are born. This is the true nature of our souls and when we travel to new destinations, we tap into this energy of play. When we're children, we naturally view the world as an enchanted terrain where anything is possible. As adults, we cultivate that perspective when we're away from our normal settings and removed from our routines.

From the moment I arrived at the airport I chose to view everything that occurred through the lens of fascination. I heightened my perspective to see the positive in any circumstance and I expected the best for my first solo adventure. This perspective led me to having one of the most magical experiences of my life. It inspired me to ask myself some big questions:

How do I want to live?

What do I want to experience?

What's the best possible vision for my life?

It was the "smaller" moments of my trip that provoked me to think differently. I wasn't in an exotic destination going on excursions every day that catalyzed new insight. Rather, it was in quiet reflection, humble conversations, and an openness to see the opportunity in each moment that stirred awakenings.

The first night I was in Sanibel there was a huge thunderstorm with rowdy chants and streaks of lightening beckoning from the sky. I rented a bike for the week as a means of transportation since everything was within a five-mile radius. There aren't streetlights in Sanibel because of their turtle population, (artificial light draws the turtles inland when the ocean's natural luminescence attracts them home) so it's pitch black at night.

I knew this before booking my trip and figured I'd be fine using my phone's flashlight as navigation after sunset. After waiting for the rain to pass at a Cajun restaurant located a mile from my hotel, I decided to bike through the storm since the rain didn't appear to be stopping any time soon. While taking the one road that led to my hotel in darkness, I was smiling as large droplets of rain poured down on me.

When was the last time I rode my bike in a thunderstorm?

When was the last time I stood outside in the rain?

When I arrived at my room, I ran down to the beach and stood facing the ocean as the thunder grew louder and the lightning struck brighter. With each stroke of lightning, I could see the entire ocean irradiate beneath it. I was alone on the shore only a few steps from the incoming waves and felt connected to something bigger than myself. I lifted my head toward the sky and let the rain hit my cheeks with the greatest sense of gratitude I've felt in a long time. I prayed to God and asked for help with reaching the next level of my journey.

I repeated, I'm ready for more. I'm ready for more. I'm ready for more. Please help me get to where I want to be.

When I returned to my room after communing with what felt like a direct connection to the Universe, I snapped a photo of myself in the mirror with a wet head, drenched clothes, and the largest grin on my face.

I woke up the following day in the most divine mood. I knew my adventure was just beginning...

Stay tuned for more stories on my travels. Coming soon!


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