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My Love Has Awoken

“Find a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.” -Frida Kahlo

I remember being younger and reading each word of this quote as though I were devouring a large bowl of chocolate ice cream. I savored every bite and imagined the day that I would meet someone who truly loved what lay before them. 

Not a lustful or wonton love - a love that ends once desire retreats. I craved a love that surpassed the ordinary, a connection that spanned lifetimes and a commitment with roots as deep as the white oak tree.

I could see my lover standing in front of me, his eyes staring into mine, incandescent and refulgent, leading me home. Even though we’ve just met, I feel as though he’s been standing beside me all along, his hand holding mine and his gaze on me. 

This love is natural, effortless, and awoken once more now that we’ve found each other again.

It’s not just that he looks at me as though I am magic; together, we create the ethereal, the everlasting - it feels like magic. 

It is magic.

I used to wonder if this kind of love was possible. Maybe it was the result of mere dreams. Perhaps I would never find it. Hopefully it would come searching for me.

I don’t worry about this anymore, for in my solitude, I’ve met the woman who doesn’t need another pair of eyes on hers to see what she sees. 

A woman who gives to herself what she’s always asked to receive from others.

A woman who is no need of saving, redemption or being swept away.

She sweeps herself away.

For I have to come to learn that what I am seeking is seeking me.

It’s all in divine timing. If it’s meant to be, it will be.


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