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One Day

One day it will happen for you. You'll walk into some coffee shop or book store and you'll see him. You'll catch each other's eyes and you'll shy away for a moment, looking down to the ground or next to you, and then glance up once more to see if his eyes are still on yours. They will be and you'll smile. His face will brighten and blush and all within that one moment of seeing fate in a stranger, your day, your world, is forever changed.

How does it happen that at just the precise moment you breeze through the doorway it's as though the universe conspired a slight nudging of the head for him to look for you?

Your mind flashes forward to your first night together; how his lips will taste, what his hands running along the base of your back will rouse, the kinds of conversations you'll have until dawn awakens and all within a single glance, you've created a world within worlds that has not yet blossomed.

But you hope it will.

And you wonder if he too, is seeing the colors you've painted, the walls you've built, the flowers in bloom, and you hope that he is, because if he is, then maybe you are no longer waiting.


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