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Promise Me One Thing

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Promise me one thing. Promise me that you will take today moment by moment. Notice the sounds and smells that lighten you, the tastes and sights that lift you. Seek out your joys and dwell alongside them in solitude and recognition. Remember that this life is not meant to be rushed. We aren't in a race. We're always capable of welcoming stillness.

I hope you don't spend your hours looking to the clock until you're cozy in your home again, away from responsibility. I know sometimes the hours can feel long and the pressure too hard to handle, but if we speed through this moment, then we're hastening our one, precious life. What if today was all we had? What if we spent our last hours breezing through the minutes until we arrived at the next thing - the place where we believe happiness lives?

Please promise me, my love, that you will meet yourself in the quiet and the present, where all creation exists. Please tell me that you'll look for your bliss as much as you look for your pain. Promise me, my dear, that you won't take this day for granted, that it won't become another checked box on your calendar or a day you disregard so tomorrow will come sooner.

Today is all we have. This moment is a gift. Remember to explore the blessings, to reach for the gold threaded throughout the ordinary. You'll have your highs, you'll have your lows, and that's okay. We are meant to exist between both worlds. Breathe through the moments where you fall and savor in the miracles when you rise.

Both offer gifts.

Both are beautiful.

Just as you are.

Just as today is.

Just as this moment can become.


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