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Rising and Falling Throughout Your Days

How many times do you rise and fall throughout your day?

I was looking back through my planner and noticed how often I experience such highs and lows throughout a single day. I usually write down everything I did and felt at the end of the day, including small highlights and lessons.

When I was looking at my notes this morning, I was surprised at how often I've felt anxious, sad or unmotivated, and how often those emotions were followed by spontaneity, laughter and hope, or vice versa. Often times I went back and forth between the two, like a ball perpetually ricocheting, as though it were its nature to ceaselessly move between opposing worlds.

I don't mean that I constantly go from sad to happy, anxious to upbeat, and negative to positive throughout my whole day, but I tend to travel through many varying emotions in just a few hours.

I can wake up in a great mood, get triggered, become frustrated, raise my vibration, focus on everything that's working, get triggered again, feel anxious, rise again, and so forth. As I was reading through past journal entries, I started judging myself.

Wow. You're crazy, huh?

How erratic have you become?

Strapping yourself in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions every day, I see.

The truth is, we can judge ourselves for the flux of emotions we were born equipped to experience - the fleeting emotions that we came here to experience - or we can become the observer and simply observe.

It's not about being happy, grateful and "perfect" all of the time, but allowing yourself to dip into the dark underbelly and choose to bring yourself back to your center of peace - whenever you're ready to. It's also nice to not judge yourself for every moment that you fall out of alignment with who you want to be and what you want to experience.

It's okay to stand between both worlds.

It's okay to feel sad.

It's okay to be anxious.

It's okay to not always know where you're headed.

It's okay.

Remember, my love, you can always bring yourself back to a place of love and peace whenever you need to, however many times you have to, as long as you're here and breathing.


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