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The Magic in You

I took a workshop yesterday led by the lovely Courtney Lee Hall (@planspirits on Instagram) yesterday out in Peconic called "The Magic in You." The workshop's purpose was to aid you in understanding, feeling and seeing all of this magic within and around you. (Especially during Halloween time).

When I woke up yesterday morning I wasn't feeling so great and I debated on not taking the drive out east as it was chilly and overcast and staying in bed all day seemed like the best way to spend a lazy Sunday. After debating this for awhile, the sun ended up peering its rays through my window and stretched out among my bed, which I took as a sign to get myself up and ready for the day.

As I was driving out east, I was listening to some of my favorite songs and reciting affirmations for health and well-being. I knew I had made the right decision by listening to my gut and pushing myself to rise above any feelings of solitude and laziness.

The afternoon ended up being (as I knew it would be) one of self-reflection, introspection, enchantment, creation, and new beginnings. All of the women in the workshop and myself set clear intentions for our lives, we allowed ourselves to dream up the best possible existence, and we opened ourselves up to the magic that truly is within us and around us.

I wanted to share this with you today because sometimes when you're not feeling your best you can remember that you are not your feelings. You always have a choice to rise above your emotions and to choose a new path for yourself, especially when you know the chosen path will ultimately be for your highest good.

There's always time to set new, clear intentions for what you want. No matter what time of year it is, you can always reinvent, reimagine and become something new - to make this life something interesting and *magical* for you.

What do you want to create?

What space do you want to live from?

What are your intentions for yourself and your life?

I invite you to dream big and become the creator of your own existence. Comment below and let's get the magic flowing.


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