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The Winds Are Calling

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I feel as though I don't know myself anymore. Just last week I was ready to take on the world with whoever stood by my side. I welcomed anyone who was asking for me. Now, I can't seem to escape myself.

All I want is my own space.

All that I crave is solitude.

All that I need is myself.

I feel as though I am being pulled up and away into something much bigger than me. I can't yet see the marvelous forces that are calling, I don't yet know where they may lead, but I do know that I have been waiting for this moment my whole life.

The day where instead of being wrapped up in you, in us, in the possibility of an us, I am focusing my energies into me. Into all that I can be if I devote as much time as I spent on you, to who I can become.

How many people can say that their main focus is themself? How many others dare to dream of an existence outside of the one they created? How many people dream?

At night, I sometimes find myself looking out the window, gazing at the moon, asking her to pull me closer, to take me to the place where fantasy and reality meet. How I long for something more. How I wish to meet myself.

The winds are coming. I am beckoning their call. I allow them to do with me as they will.


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