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Things I Wish I Learned When I Was Younger

I wish someone would have told me from an early age that I have all I will ever need inside of me, that if I ever feel lost or unsure, I must simply look within.

I wish I would have known from birth that my power lies in my intention; through choosing my thoughts, listening to my emotions, and nurturing my soul, I create my inner and outer worlds.

I wish these truths coursed through my veins like a river flowing up and downstream. I want to be drenched in the cold veracity of my life, to be taken under with the current so forcibly that my lungs breathe in the flood.

When I forget the nature of my being and slip back into old patterns, when I invite others to take up space in my body, when I drink to the point of losing all control, I must remember to dip my feet into the glacial stream. To drink from the source that nurtures me.

I wish someone would have told me that even in my darkest hours there is a light that flickers like a single wick in an abandoned home and when I focus on this flare, it can fill an entire room with radiance.

How could I have known that my passage through nightfall and the windy trails that led me into the most desolate solitude would be my greatest gift? Why am I afraid of what rises when the moon does? Why do I run from my pain without coming to understand it first? How have we been conditioned to live in this way?

I was born to live wholly, courageously and without restraint. I am meant to be free, to house immense, imaginative dreams. I was not intended to wake and sleep in continual monotony. I was not made for the ordinary, the routine. My soul is unleashed, thriving, ravenous, and demanding for what is fresh, what is purposeful, and what she traveled here to discover.

For I am a beacon of light. I come from the light. I live in the light. I am always headed toward the light.

When I can remember the true nature of who I am, of why I am here, of what I am meant to do, then I am free to experience life as my heart wants to.

I wish I would have known that even though I learned this in my later years, that it was always meant to be this way. Our wisdom is rooted like seeds within us. Until we recognize it's there, until we see its potential to bloom, it sits there, patiently waiting to be watered and blessed, to birth growth, learning, and new experience into our waking lives.

I wish that I would no longer wish for anything, for this moment is perfect as it is. My life is perfect as it is. I am perfect as I am.

I wish that tonight as I go to sleep, I tell myself the story I want to hear.

I wish that tomorrow when I wake, I write the story that I want to live.

I wish this for you, too.

I wish that you come to realize the truth of who you are and why you are here.

I wish you the bravery to recognize this.

I wish you the courage to do whatever it takes to become yourself.


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