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This Is What Will Guide You Home

Dear Danielle,

You’re the happiest you’ve ever been in your life right now. Who would have thought that would come from being on your own? Certainly not you! You were always afraid of being alone. You never fully trusted yourself to guide you through life and know what’s best for you. You didn’t think that you could make yourself this fulfilled. I’m so proud of you for choosing solitude and believing in yourself.

I know you can give into doubt and worry sometimes, fearing that all of the hard work and effort you put into your writing and brand may never “pay off.” I know that you can feel lonely and wonder if the love that you’ve always dreamed of will ever come along. But, if we’ve learned anything from our time together so far, we know that life is full of unexpected surprises. Would you rather go the journey worrying that things won’t turn out the way you hoped, or wake up every day excited at the possibility that something completely magical and life changing can happen at any time?

Of course, the latter.

Despite all of your doubt, you still choose to see things this way, and that’s my favorite thing about you. You tend to underestimate yourself, even when you’ve proven how far a person can come when faced with difficult challenges. You certainly dealt with obstacles this year, things you never thought you’d have to go through. Things you didn't even realize you judged others for experiencing. And yet, when it happened to you, you rose to the surface and handled it with such grace. You truly amaze me, sometimes.

Danielle, I want you to know that you have so much to offer the world. I see this in you more than ever recently - in the ways that you show up for yourself and the people in your life. The things that come natural to you, like choosing to see the good even when there doesn’t seem to be any, or sticking to practices that help you grow rather than bring you down, don’t always come easy to others. Rejoice in who you are and what you stand for - how you’re always trying to help others reach their potential and live more joyful lives.

There’s unparalleled beauty in that desire alone.

Remember, when doubt creeps in and you begin second guessing yourself, to look back on this past year and call upon the woman who blazed her own trail, made her own rules, put herself first, never settled, listened to her heart, and followed her inner knowing.

This is who you are.

This is what will lead you to your dreams.

This is what will guide you home.

I love you.




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