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Why We Should Resist Always Wanting to Feel "Normal"

Ah, a three day weekend coming up and I feel so excited for that extra day off. Lately my life has felt somewhat like the movie "Groundhog Day," as I've been home and alone most of the past month from being sick while also making plans to move into a new apartment soon. Most of my life lately has been focused on doing as much as I can at work to prepare for a new semester in February, while also doing as much as I can on the side to get ready to move into my new place. It's all exciting and good stuff though, so I know once things are settled and I have created a new space for myself, things will start to feel "normal"again.

Since I've been saving more money by being sick & going out less (I guess it's the perfect time to be sick for a month when you're moving into a new apartment shortly) while also putting money toward furniture, wall art, new rugs, bathroom and kitchen appliances - all fun things - life has felt like it's on repeat. It makes me think of the saying we so often use when life feels unbalanced, "I just want to feel normal again...I wish things would go back to normal."

What is normal? Normal is merely a state of being we become accustomed to over longer periods of time, a security blanket of sorts, that we like to experience on a daily basis so we feel that life is still safe. But the reality is that things are always changing and the only constant that we'll be consistently met with is the fact that nothing ever stays the same. So why do we always long and resort to what feels "normal" rather than accepting and embracing any change as something that's meant to be and "normal" to experience?

Today, even though my life has been somewhat off balanced lately and I haven't quite felt like "myself," I trust and honor the currents that are always flowing within me, teaching me more about myself with each new emotion that sometimes stirs discomfort or unfamiliarity. I know that the cycles of my being are always showing me new ways of being and I welcome the unknown as all of this life is a mystery - a darkened path that we illuminate with the way we perceive it, the manner we choose to live our lives by, and the meaning we put into everything we see and touch.


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