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You Are the Life You Choose to Live

I wanted to take a moment today and offer my practice of gratitude.

Two weeks ago I focused on all of the lack, rather than the bountiful gifts of my life. I walked around with a victim mentality, like I had no control over how I thought or felt. I acted like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.

Funny enough, everything that I complained about and deemed as not good enough, is exactly what I feel so lucky to have this week.

It just goes to show you how our bodies and minds are like nature. We have our seasons, we have our storms, but we also have the relief of the sun when the rain stops pouring.

From today's morning journal:

Today I find thanks in the ordinary flow of my life. I know that my heart longs for an existence beyond my wildest dreams, but I have immense beauty that weaves itself throughout the smaller, delicate moments of my days. I will search for it. I will find it. I will hold it close.

Today I offer sincere grateful for the many jobs and responsibilities that I have. I know I can feel overwhelmed. I know that I worry I'm not doing enough. I know that I fear I'll never get to where I want to be. But today, I'm learning to love the messy, the busy, the mundane, the ever ceasing journey toward the fulfillment of my dreams.

Today I give thanks for the quiet night. I honor the time where I'm alone - to think, reflect, create, and bask in solitude. I thank this moment in time where I'm my own best friend. I'm deeply thankful for my own company.

Today I'm grateful for the triggers, the people who test me, the experiences that hurt me, the obstacles I currently face. They are teaching me strength, insight and the grace of great change.

Today, I find thanks for the mere act of offering gratitude. I can go through life believing that things will get better in the future, or I can choose to make things better, exactly as they are, now.

Ease into your cycles. Love the rhythm of yourself in motion. Embrace the beauty that exists in a sky both drenched in bruised blue clouds and the clearing that lives just above it.

Your outlook is the key to your freedom. The gaze you hold is your power. You are the life you choose to live.


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