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You Can Handle Anything, My Love

My family recently came across some news that changed our perception of life quite literally in the blink of an eye. Just like that, our reality was flipped upside down, and what we once held close in the palms of our hands began drifting further away from us. Certainty was replaced by ambiguity, and the assurance of life continuing on as it always has no longer felt like a luxury.

This is what happens when you find out that someone close to you is going through one of the hardest seasons of their life - a season immersed with heavy storms that worsens before the sky sees any clearing. It's more burdonsome when there's nothing you can do to stop it in its tracks, alter its course and send it the other way. You begin wishing that the bruised blue of the clouds above and the whipping of wind circling midair were heading for you instead. If only you could grab hold of the pain and keep it for yourself, to stop others from hurting - wouldn't it be easier for everyone that way? You can handle it. No one else needs to carry this.

Life can seem cruel and unforgiving at times, can't it? How interesting this existence is. In times like these, you can't help but wonder why things are the way they are. Life is already hard enough as it is some days - how much more can we possibly endure?

The truth is, as much as we only like to believe in love, positivity and light, we are by nature, a mix of these elements and darker ones, too. Without darkness there is no light, without pain there is no relief, without sadness there is no bliss, and without death there is no life. We are made up of both and we exist because of the duality of our natures. Our ability to rise after falling and to believe in something we can't yet see but feel in our hearts is one of the most remarkable aspects of being human. It's from our sorrow, doubt and confusion that we garner the miraculous traits of faith, hope and resilience.

Life may seem harsh and ruthless at times, but let's not forget that it is because of these times that we meet the true potential of our souls. We learn the most about ourselves when we meet our darkness. What we often look past and ignore most days rises to the surface and asks us to look deeper, to feel fiercely and to love harder despite all calamity.

You see, even our most tumultuous seasons have a clearing in the sky, where for a moment we can spot the sun's rays eternally present behind the most somber of clouds. Where for a mere glimpse, we see into the heart of this life.

This journeying of being human is not so that we can feel perpetual contentment and greet the easy and expected. We are here, waking and sleeping, rising and falling, loving and enduring, every single day, so that our vulnerability births clarity and our weakness bears strength. The two are one in the same, forever merging and swimming in unison throughout the trajectory of our lives.

If you're finding yourself in a hard season, please remember this:

You've proven to yourself by now that you can make it through any storm. You're the one who put yourself to sleep and rose again to see the light of another new day. You're the one who pushed yourself into the world when you didn't want to get out of bed. You're the one who proved yourself wrong, time and time again, in the face of adversity.

You're capable of handling anything - for it's this precise moment of doubt and fear that you'll look back on at some future date and see blessings rather than sadness, hope rather than disdain, and lessons rather than bewilderment.

There is gratitude and grace in everything. You just need to remember to look for it, even when you're standing under heavy clouds.

The sun is forever shining, my love.


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