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You Have a Purpose and You Must Believe in It!

I begin almost every single day with a gratitude and manifestation practice.

I write 3-5 things that I'm wholeheartedly grateful for and excited about in my life. I write why I'm thankful for them and what meaning they've brought to my existence. I write them down and as my pen hits the paper, I harness and cultivate feelings of thanks. I deeply feel and bring myself into a state of gratitude, for I realize how blessed I am to have these things in my life.

Then I write about my goals and dreams as if they already happened and I thank them for already happening. I'll write "I am a NYT Bestselling author." "I'm so grateful to be on my book tour!" "My book is helping and healing millions of people." I write these affirmations as though they're already tangible accomplishments in my life. I connect to the energy of what it would feel like for this to be my reality. I call it my truth and bring it into my existence the more I connect to this energy.

That being said, there was one day this week (and there's always a day like this) where I had complete imposter syndrome and instead of easing into gratitude, I asked myself "Who are you to be a published author? If it hasn't happened yet, it probably never will. All you're doing is believing in a fantasy. None of this is real."

Have you ever been here?

I've learned that when my mind likes to be an asshole, because let's face it, sometimes our minds are total a-holes! I get up and walk away and focus on something else. I go for a run, read a book, step outside in nature, and completely shift my attention elsewhere.

There are going to be days like this! It's our human journey and it's normal. It's okay.

But remember, the days that you listen and believe in the voice that tells you are beautiful, talented and capable of achieving your dreams is the REAL voice. I know we sometimes like to believe that the voice telling us that we're crazy and delusional is our voice of reason, but it's really just our ego popping its head in to mess with us.

Bless your ego. Love your ego. Thank it for its input and then send it on its way. Remember who you are, why you're here and connect yourself even more deeply to your purpose.

For you, my love, have a purpose. There's something you have that only YOU can offer to the world. Your work is to unravel this, discover it and then bring it forth to help others.

When you get lost or scared, focus on service. Focus on how you can help heal the world. For that is what we're all here for.

We're all bringing each other home.


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