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My First Book Is Available on Amazon

Struck Inside Out delivers lessons on cultivating daily inspiration, overcoming heartbreak, and loving yourself unconditionally.


This moving companion offers reminders that no matter what you’re going through, you can handle it.


With reflections in poetry and prose, Danielle shares her story of overcoming obstacles to transform self-doubt into self-love. Through letters to her past selves and the men she loved, she dives into the heart of our shared human experiences to show how it’s only through feeling our emotions that we set ourselves free.


In this book, you’ll find the perfect words for creating magic in your everyday life, letting go of experiences that no longer serve you, and honoring every step of your journey, no matter where you currently stand.


With journal prompts, affirmations, mantras, and recorded meditations to help you create your self-care practice, you’ll finish this book standing in your power and trusting yourself to create your best possible life.

Struck Inside Out is a beautiful collection of poetry and prose to remind you that:

  • The path to living a passionate, purposeful, and meaningful life is woven throughout your small, daily actions.

  • Your magic exists in your perspective.

  • Your wounds become your wisdom.

  • You can always bring yourself back to love and peace whenever you need to, however many times you have to, as long as you're here and breathing.

  • There’s grace in everything; you just need to remember to look for it, even when standing under heavy clouds.

Struck Inside Out is perfect for:

  • Friends, family, teachers, or students who love personal transformation tools.

  • Lovers of journal prompts, meditations, affirmations, and mantras.

  • Poetry lovers and self-help readers.

  • Anyone going through a breakup who needs guidance, encouragement, and support.

You've proven to yourself that you can make it through any storm. You're the one who put yourself to sleep and rose again to see the birth of another new day. You're the one who pushed yourself into the world when you didn't want to get out of bed. Even if you can't imagine it now, your moments of doubt and fear will eventually be looked back on so you can see blessings rather than sadness, hope rather than disdain, and lessons rather than bewilderment.


You're capable of handling anything.

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