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Image by Camille Brodard


Writing and Indoor Garden Workshop

February 19th, 10AM-12PM

Modern Terrarium Bar

19 South Village Avenue

Rockville Centre, NY 11570


In this workshop you will:


-Learn how to tap into your intuition through writing a letter to your past, present or future self.


-Uncover the healing and therapeutic powers of a daily journaling or letter writing practice.


-Practice meditation and breath work to enhance your writing experience and connection to your highest self.


-Have the opportunity to share your writing with workshop participants in a warm and welcoming environment.


-Create your own indoor garden with a mason jar, stones, soil, choice of herbs, and a paper tag to personalize your jar.


-Release the old and set intentions for the new year.


-Write what you want to release and create this year, then store your intentions in mini glass cork bottles that will sit in the soil of your indoor garden.


-Walk away with your self-made garden that serves as a reminder of what you're releasing and creating in 2023.

If you want to register for the workshop, email me at to reserve your seat or send me a message on Instagram at @struckinsideout.

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