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Brand Partnerships 

In the past few months I've partnered with some incredible brands that I personally love and use. Think...beautiful handmade leather bags, organic wellness products for your unique needs, natural energy boosts to elevate your mood, smartwatches that alert you when you're dehydrated, daily planners for gratitude practices - and more! Below are affiliate links with discount codes for a few of the brands that I work with.

I hope you enjoy these offers as much as I love sharing them with you. 

Latico Leathers

Latico Leathers is a family run business based in New Jersey that offers beautiful, timeless, and vintage leather goods that are perfect for the everyday.

For 15% off your purchase, use my discount code:



Natural Shilajit

Natural Shilajit is a powerhouse of natural vitamins and minerals to help boost your immune system, decrease fatigue, detox your body of toxins and heavy metals, decalcify your pineal gland (third eye center), and so much more. It also has anti-aging properties by protecting against free radicals and cellular damage!

For 10% off your Natural Shilajit order, use my code:




Welleum brings Eastern medicine to the western world. They have medicines and daily tinctures (tinctures are bottled herbs + natural ingredients) to support gut health, sleep, women's health, allergies, skin conditions, anxiety, energy, and autoimmune issues. 

To get 10% off your Welleum purchase or 25% off their monthly subscription service

use my codes:



The HEALBE GoBe3 is a smart band that gives a read on eight different body parameters: energy balance, calorie intake, calories burned, water balance, pulse, sleep quality, stress levels, and steps and distance. I get a notification to drink water when my hydration levels drop. My skin is clearer and I feel healthier as a result of being hydrated every day!

For 20% off your HEALBE purchase, use my code:




MVMT is a luxury watch and accessory line that offers sleek, modern, and lightweight jewelry. They sell sunglasses too! They're cost effective and beautiful additions to your wardrobe.

For 15% off your MVMT order, use my code:


Intelligent Change

Intelligent Change is a global wellness lifestyle brand based out of London. Their elegant, functional, and life-changing products help you seamlessly build positive habits without investing years in experimenting and research to achieve the same results. I have their Productivity Planner which has been an absolute game changer for implementing time saving hacks.

For 10% off your Intelligent Change purchase, use my code: 


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