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A Night for Dreamers

Are you a dreamer?

Have you always had big, lofty dreams or maybe a bunch of smaller ones, but never got around to working on them?

Do you work full-time and find yourself dreaming of another existence - one that involves your passion and desire for something more?

Are you waiting to write your book, start your business, commit to a healthier lifestyle, or finish that project you started years ago?


Are you holding off on doing that one thing that you know will make you the happiest and most fulfilled?

What People Say

Kelly R., Accountant

This group was so inspiring to be around other like-minded, positive peers. To watch others grow alongside you is nourishing! If you are not part of a group of people who want to better themselves in any aspect of you, join this one! I am involved in several groups and the relationships I have built are invaluable.

Amanda C., Landscape Designer

 I would like to express my gratitude to Danielle for connecting everyone and  coordinating such a therapeutic outlet for women who crave to connect with like-minded individuals. Everyone wants to find their purpose in life - this group of women helped each other to appreciate and nurture  their talents and share it with the world. It helps nourish and support the evolution of our purpose and growth.

Lauren M., Gym Manager

Danielle pours her heart into being a leader and showing what it is to be able to reach beyond what is seen. I have learned so much from meeting once a month and being able to connect with others that are on the same path. Danielle made this happen and helped everyone have something accomplished. She really brings out the exception in exceptional.


Tell Me More About You!

Talk to you soon!

Michelle B., Restaurant Manager

This group couldn't have come into my life at a better time. I had been wanting to make changes for a long time, but didn’t even know where to start. Danielle's positivity and guidance with the support of the other members helped me get motivated and focused on bettering myself. I am hopeful and excited to enter this next year knowing that I have such a great support system and safe space to continue making positive changes for myself, as well as be there for amazing women who are set out to do the same!

A Night for Dreamers is a safe space for like-minded women to motivate one another and achieve through accountability. Danielle’s leadership in this group offered us all an opportunity to dream bigger than we could have on our own, and the mentorship we received from each other allowed us to take the twists and turns of our journeys with acceptance and perspective. By the end of our time together, we had all grown so much in so many unexpected ways. Our lives changed, and that is because of the community and support we found with each other. This group is for anyone with a dream, maybe those who need a support system to say, ‘keep going,’ or who could use a team of strong females standing in her corner.

Katie M., Dance Instructor

Danielle and this amazing group helped me to discover my dreams 

and the goals I would need

to set to accomplish them. Being part of this community also allowed me to meet women who are going through similar challenges & experiences as I am. I proved myself wrong and achieved what I once

never thought I would, all while meeting some incredible women to cheer me on along the way.

Ashley L., Yoga Instructor

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