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Are You As Fulfilled as You Want to Be?

It's interesting how sometimes you can feel something that isn't physically in your life. You know how when you dream of your future, you can feel in your bones and every fiber of your being how that dream would live inside of you? You instinctively understand the emotions, power and passion that already exist within you but are waiting to be born when your dream is manifested.

I think about that sometimes when I doubt my dreams. If I can feel how I would change and how my life would change if (and when) I accomplish my goals, then doesn't that mean my dreams are in some way shape or form tangible? How can I feel something that isn't already real?

Why then, should I give into worry or doubt that I'll ever experience my dreams if they're already within me?

One of my favorite quotes by Bob Proctor is, "If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand." The same is true for what you feel in your heart.

I bring this topic up because I know many people who recently returned to their offices after being remote for the past year and are struggling to adjust to "normal" life. I myself have been struggling at times. I keep asking myself what kind of life would make me the happiest. What would bring me the most fulfillment? What are my grandest and wildest dreams?

Although I deeply love and value my work, I think most of us who worked from home for a year or more began to appreciate the type of freedom that exists in being remote. That freedom might look like more time with family, less hours driving or taking transportation to and from your office, taking calls from bed, sitting on Zoom conferences with your pajamas on, making yourself breakfast, exercising between meetings, working on your passion project, writing emails from the beach, traveling more often, or simply having time to ask yourself what you want to do with your life.

If it weren't for the pandemic, people wouldn't be asking themselves these big life questions. If it weren't for the world being put on pause, people wouldn't be experiencing the current discomfort of having to return to a life that doesn't feel right for them anymore. If it weren't for the uneasiness, people would stay exactly where they are.

And that's a beautiful thing when you really think about it, because we've been given a gift and it's up to us what we'll do with it. We've been given the gift of time, quiet and solitude to reflect and dream and ask ourselves the types of questions we were too busy to ask before.

What is my purpose?

What am I meant to do with my life?

What will make me the happiest?

How can I serve the world and others?

How should I live my one precious life?

Most of us who are returning to "normalcy" aren't sure that the normal we experienced before the pandemic is the lifestyle we want to rush back into. What can our new normal look like? Do we dare to ask ourselves the questions that will lead us to our truth? Do we courageously face fear and the unknown in the pursuit of our dreams? Are we willing to let go of the old to make space for the new - even if we don't know what the new is just yet?

When you ask yourself these questions, you welcome the feeling essence of your dreams, purpose and truth. When you feel in your heart and mind the kind of life that's yours, then you're witnessing proof that your dreams do exist in some way shape or form. They might not be evident in the physical world just yet, but they're completely valid within your soul, and the only way for them to become tangible is to acknowledge their presence and uncover how to manifest them.

We didn't come here to work day in and day out with no conscious awareness of the gifts we have within us. We weren't born to robotically move through our days with no connection to what we're doing.

We came here with purpose, intent and reason, and this past year may have flipped our worlds upside down, but maybe that's what we needed to awaken. Maybe we needed our worlds shifted off their axis's in order to uncover who we are and why we're here.

I encourage you to ask yourself these questions. Discover the desires stirring within you and be brave enough to acknowledge the decisions and work it will take to bring you to your truth - your purpose for traveling here and living this life.

If you continue your days without dreaming, if you cease to wonder what your life could look like beyond all the fear and stagnancy, then you'll be doing yourself and the world a great disservice. Who knows what your unique gifts and talents can offer the world? Who knows how your dreams can serve those around you? Who knows how you can inspire others to follow in your footsteps and ask themselves similar questions?

You're here for a reason. That reason isn't to dread your workdays feeling stuck in the same patterns and routines.






When you can feel your dreams in your heart and see them in your mind, you will most certainly hold them in your hand.

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1 Comment

Sep 01, 2021

Thank you for sharing this post. I've been referring back to it a few times. 3 to be exact. I finished school, completed my post-doc internship, and I sent in my req's to the board (California). I'm about to take the licensing exam, but I feel as though I'm stuck in molasses! A career helping people is at my fingertips and I'm resisting like a toddler who refuses to take a bath! I'm hoping that a breakthrough is around the corner...

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