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There Is Life After Death

One of my close friends suddenly died from a motorcycle accident about two years ago. December of 2021 was the first time in my life I experienced such profound loss. As the anniversary of my friend's death nears, I think about all the ways he added vibrancy and color to my world. Blair was someone I could be my whole self with. He made the weird and dorky sides of my personality come alive and I loved him so much for that. Most of our time together consisted of making prank phone calls, playing jokes on people or making fun of each other. Some of my deepest belly laughs were born from his sense of humor and how he showed up in the world. He took up a lot of space no matter where he went, and he was always the loudest and funniest person in any room. We used to call each other Lou - short for loser. The night he passed away, he had sent me a text saying "Merry Christmas Lou" just a few hours before his accident. After I replied, his last text to me was "Lou Lou." I know that was his way of saying goodbye for now, even if he didn't realize he would soon be returning home. I've been experiencing loss in other aspects of my life lately, and as I've felt unsure of what path to take, I've called on Blair for signs and guidance. Any time I reach out, I always feel him around me. As I write this now, it's almost as if I can see him sitting on the edge of my desk, smiling and making fun of me for crying as I type. I can hear him say, Stop crying, Lou. You know I didn't really die. I'm always here. The signs I've received from him when I ask for them are loud, clear, and undeniable. When I asked him to confirm my gut instincts about something through a sign, I received guidance within twenty-four hours. One sign occurred when I was driving and had forgot I asked Blair for his support the night before. As I thought of the situation I was having trouble with, I happened to glance out the window and see a sign that read "Lou's Market." Then, a week later, as I was driving with a friend and speaking about the same situation, I looked at the license plate of the car in front of us and it read "Lou." Another week passed and my sister and I were waiting in line at a coffee shop discussing the same dilemma, and once we got to the register, the cashier held up a bag and yelled, "To go order for Lou!" A few days after that when I was having a bad day and feeling torn about a difficult decision I had made, I asked once more for support and within two hours, I received a call at my job from a former student who went to the school in the 70's and whose last name was Louis. Lou isn't that common of a name and in most of the above circumstances, the timing had to have been precisely right for me to notice the answers to my prayers. It's as though Blair nudged my head at just the exact time to see his method of communication. There are plenty of other signs I've received in the recent weeks that not only confirm my connection to Blair and the synchronicities of this Universe, but remind me that there is life after death. We live in a loving, supportive, and kind Universe. We are never alone. We each have our own team of invisible cheerleaders in the background of our lives, waiting for us to call on them so we can receive their wisdom and love. The past few weeks have been difficult as I'm navigating loss, uncertainty, and not trusting my instincts (not sure when I'll ever fully learn this lesson). As I struggled to listen to and honor my heart's voice, I remembered that I don't need to do this alone. I can always call for support in both the physical and spiritual worlds. Every single time I do, I always get a response. Granted the recent signs I received from Blair were very loud in comparison to previous ones, it was all the more confirmation for me to trust the signs of my own heart and body. When I become silent and tune into my wisdom, my answers always align with the messages from God, the Universe or friends and family who have passed on. Blair may no longer be alive in physical form but he is certainly thriving in spirit, and I feel grateful that I still have his friendship even when I can no longer see him with my eyes. If you too are going through a hard season, a change or simply struggling to honor the voice that's leading you toward the unknown, I encourage you to call on your higher self, God, the Universe, or someone in the spirit world to guide you. Even if you're skeptical, try to remain open and experiment with this. Signs typically arrive in very creative ways and you'll know in your gut when the sign occurs that it's the answer to your prayer. There's a meditation in my book that guides you to utilize your intuition and understand its messages. You can listen to it here if you want to experiment with this. I send you love for another week of life, change, and growth and I hope you can feel the unwavering support that's always around and within you.

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Dec 24, 2023

Thank you, Daniele! I stumbled upon a meditation I listened written by you, called “remembering your soul’s truth” and I looked for your book and then found this blog. I’ve never doubted life after death, and I love to read more and more of these stories. It’s Christmas Eve, I’m feeling particularly sad and I have been directed to find your work and inspiration. Merry Christmas and cheers, Lou!

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