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How Dreams Are Our Greatest Teachers

I've been having some crazy dreams this week - the kind that leaves me feeling restless upon waking.

It's funny when you think you're over something and after dreaming about it, your subconscious brings it back to life.

The people, memories and experiences that you tucked into dark corners and in the back of old dressers comes surging to the forefront, and you feel as though what took place years ago just happened again yesterday.

Dreams and time are interesting that way. When we sleep, we tap into the circular nature of life. Time is no longer linear, starting at point A and moving in a swerving line to point B. It's happening all at once, as though you're at the center of a tornado, and everything is swirling mid-air, ascending and sinking, higher and lower, until you can't discern what anything is anymore. It becomes a blur. Lifetimes are being lived in one seemingly sweeping moment - except that moment never begins or ends - its nature is eternal.

When we dream, we time travel. We visit the moments in our histories that our present focus can't fully let go of. Dreaming, in a sense, is a portal to the soul. We learn through creative metaphors and storylines where our healing needs to take place.

Of course, not all dreams contain the key to our subconscious awareness and understanding. But the ones that leave you feeling off or slightly altered are the dreams to make note of.

Our emotions are clues. They are like seeds sprinkled over soil at dawn before sprouting into vines. They show us wounds that aren't fully mended. They teach us what we need to tend to most so we can grow.

Just as with anything in life, you need to feel your pain to heal what's still hurting.

Your discomfort is actually a gift. It's teaching you more about yourself, why you're here and how you can move forward with more joy and less ache.

"Off days" are really "on days" because you're feeling your emotions, and by feeling them, you're setting yourself free.


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