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You Are Perfect Right Now

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Sometimes I find that I'm constantly trying to change myself; to become something better and new. Sometimes who I am now doesn't feel like "enough." I'm always searching for this hidden treasure and undiscovered gold within my being. As though who I am now, in this moment, isn't worthy of safe keeping.

It raises the question of why we are always in this waiting phase to reach the next step, to turn the page, to head on to the following chapter, so that we can finally be "happy, secure, confident, successful, loved..." (Insert your longing here ______).

What would your life look like if you felt you were in no need of changing and simply loved yourself for who you are, right now? How would you feel if the love you gave to the future version of yourself was poured into the perfect person you are in this moment?

We too often place our happiness in future circumstances and people. We forget that who we are at this precise time is exactly a version of ourselves that we once longed for years ago. We're just too busy rushing to get to the finish line that we lose sight of the beauty of this eternal process of unfoldment.

The unfolding is where the beauty is. The journey is where you find the love. The blank space, the in between, the constant desire to turn into something new, that's where the good stuff is. That's the sweet spot.

And once you can learn to love who you are, where you are, what you have, and forget about the question of all of your "when's" you'll realize that to always wish for the future is to miss all the beauty you have now.

Your life, right now, is the manifestation of what you once dreamed of before. Don't lose sight of your own dreams; don't get caught in the disillusionment of happiness being a future experience; don't forget that you are the visionary of your own life.


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