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A Mantra for Mondays

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Today I need to...

Breathe. I need to remember that Monday is merely a name that humans manufactured to help organize their days. To believe in her reputation of being a burden is to rob myself of the loveliness of another new day. Names are simply labels we create to assist in our understanding of things. If I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change.

Today I want to...

Do something out of the ordinary. How many Mondays before this have I lived in the same, old repeated patterns? I can either give into the tiredness and lack of motivation or I can choose a new path and believe that today is one of my favorite days - that Mondays are where it all begins for me. Today I choose to go through all of my moments with a sense of wonder for what this day can bring; the possibilities are endless when I open my mind to new outcomes.

Today I will...

Be the bearer of light for those I come in contact with, for I know everyone is carrying their own struggles that I would know nothing about. All it takes is a smile, a kind gesture, genuine listening, a real, honest reply to someone's question, and the willingness to experiment with new ways of being for this day to become one of new beginnings. Today is the start of another weekly adventure where I have the opportunity to lift others up while raising my own vibration.

Today I promise to...

Live with purpose. To remember that each day offers the opportunity to stretch, grow, love, and enjoy being alive. I will not rush another day of my life because I'm waiting for the weekend or my next vacation or the moment for me to truly happy. The moment I am living right now deserves the affection and appreciation that all of my future ones do. I am grateful for this moment, this moment is my life.

Today I am...

Changing my perception of what I normally believe. It's easy to fall into societal patterns and to turn on automatic pilot when coming off of the high of a weekend, but it will only benefit me and those around me if I choose to be awake and to not live my life asleep. I look around at my normal surroundings: my bed, my car, my work, my weekly plans, my relationships, and I see how lucky I am to have everything be exactly as it is right now. For I would not change a thing in this perfect moment of now, on this perfect Monday of another new week.

When I can find the beauty in the ordinary, I welcome and accept the extraordinary.

Mondays are where I take my first step on a new exploration of life.

Today is the day where all good things are born.

All is well in my world.

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