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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

it's hard sometimes loving you

when i don't know how

i'll be loved when i arrive home

or when i wake with the sun rise

you're like the moon

sometimes full

burning, intense, golden

sometimes cold

a sliver of light

barely visible

in a darkened sky

i can see you

even when the night comes

but can you see me?

i'm here

waving you down

standing on the mountain top

taking you in

but you don't see me

did you even look?

i used to believe

i wasn't worthy

of love

i didn't think

someone could love me

and want to stay

so many younger years spent





for myself

i'm older now

i've had many loves

most of whom

never saw me

i always spent far too long

trying to make them see

wanting their desire to know me

when I didn't know myself

forcing sight among the blind

straining love from an empty cup

never knowing the difference

between what was full

and what had already been drained

why do i want so badly

for you to see?

why do i need this

from you?

i wish i didn't

i wish this was enough

but my heart is longing again

i can feel the old ache

rising through my ribs

charging into my chest

making it hard to breathe

i always needed you to breathe

when maybe i should have

trained my lungs

to be self reliant

once again

i've found

in my pursuit for you


and in so doing

i now see

that i'm the only one

who's ever

really saw



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