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The Price of Your New Life

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I heard this quote recently, "The price of your new life is going to cost you your old one." It's been sticking to the back of my mind like a little, pink post-it reminding me to make the changes I've been wanting to see for years now. These are the changes that would "cost" me the things I enjoy most: sleeping in an extra half hour, watching a movie or show most nights after work, happy hours on Thursdays, longer runs plus coffee and lunch before my workday begins at 1pm.

I'd also have to give up: negative self-talk, procrastination for momentary enjoyment, the fear of what others think of me, my desire to please everyone, self-inflicted anxiety from overanalyzing, not believing in myself...the list goes on and on and on and on.

Another quote that I think of often is something Einstein once said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Does that ring a bell for you? Sure does for me! I sometimes laugh when I think of how many years go by where I think the same thoughts, repeat the same patterns, get caught in the same "traps," judge the same people, beat myself up for doing the SAME OLD THING.

Once again, let me repeat, The price of your new life is going to cost you your old one.

Say whattttt?!?

So you're telling me I have to give up my list of shit that I am "unknowingly" addicted to in order to live a happier, freer, more successful and fulfilled life? I must let go of that which no longer serves me, a.k.a: my unhealthy relationships, my security blankets, the "one last drink" which turns into three more glasses of wine, the belief that I am my feelings and have no control over my decisions, playing into the victim mentality, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

Yup, that's exactly what I mean!

If you want to see changes in your life, if you've been dreaming of being someone else, living in a new country, working in a different career, building healthier relationships, writing that book, running the marathon, loving who you are more than anyone else, then you need to really look yourself in the eyes and ask what you're holding on to that's stopping you from growing.

Why are you still in the same place wishing you were somewhere/someone else when you have the power to do and be anything that you dream of?

When you can see your own "shit" for lack of a better term, then you're able to come up with a plan for how to remove said shit from your life. When you pull the plug on your addictions, new awareness, insight and action come forth like beams of light at midnight.

I've been practicing the habit of trying to be better every single day. It doesn't mean I'm doing everything perfectly most days, it just means that I have chosen to illuminate my own truths, the reasons why I still feel stuck in specific areas of my life, and really try to change those negative behaviors.

Change can, well, really suck sometimes. Growth occurs when we're the most uncomfortable, but it's through that discomfort that we expand our comfort zones and become stronger people. It's not the easiest of work to do, but I don't like to label self-improvement as "work," rather I think of it as accepting an invitation to explore new lands.

This process will be experienced however you choose to perceive it. If you think cutting negative patterns from your life is going to be painful, then every part of the journey will ache. If you imagine that you will experience grace and wisdom with each new step, then this will be exciting times for you.

If you want to have the life you dream of then you need to accept the fact that you have to change the things you've been doing that have led you to the life you are currently living - a life that you're grateful for and proud of, but are still ready to rise from.

Are you ready to rise? Are you ready to finally make this the year that you do what you've never done so that you can experience what you've always dreamed of?

I'm so ready.

If you want or need some help boosting your mindset to feel excited for the endless possibilities of your life, please reach out and inquire about my Night for Dreamers group. It's all about dreaming up your best, possible existence.

See you there.

Happy Dreaming.

Happy DOING.

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