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2020 Goals

2020 Goals: Do less, be more. When I say "do" I don't mean to cease going after my goals and the projects that sustain me, but to be more present with myself in the pursuit of those goals. I accomplished a lot in 2019 by believing that in order to be "successful" by my terms, that I had to always be hectic, busy and on the move. This year I want to breathe through the steps that land me closer to my dreams and I want to ease into new moments with grace rather than urgency. It's possible to be both successful and relaxed. It's okay to go after a goal and allow yourself time for quiet and peace. It's okay to do less while being more.

Drink A LOT more water and less alcohol. I find as I get older that my body becomes really anxious the day after drinking. So much of my teenage life and twenties were spent going out with friends and enjoying good food and drinks, and although I want that to still be part of my life, I know that in order to reach my full potential I need to cut back on alcohol. I never used to trust myself and my own judgments on my life, always seeking counsel from others to guide me when all along I always knew what I needed to do. I learned that by eliminating alcohol and doing more things that made my soul feel good, that the pessimistic and doubtful voice I was so accustomed to wasn't even present anymore. It's funny too, because I always used to believe that alcohol made me more confident and appealing, when I now trust the girl who is 100% sober more than I would ever resort to the girl who had a glass or two of wine.

Be in nature as much as possible and stay off your phone as much as possible. A lot of what I do and am trying to create is centered around posting, engaging and sharing content daily. I did a digital detox last week and felt like I could live more peacefully. Now I know that sounds dramatic, but we don't realize just how much of our time and energy is focused on this amazing, yet in many ways, insignificant app. I love Instagram and how much possibility it offers people, but I also see how much precious time we're wasting by scrolling, comparing and oversharing. We're literally missing the moments that are right in front us by feeling the need to film, capture and publish every detail of our lives. Nature calms me, trees inspire me, the sun awakens me, and the moon brings out the creative in me. I want to engage more in the natural world than in the technological one. I want to be more in the real world than the ones we so carefully try to create on here.


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