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All That I've Grown to Love About Quarantine

In a world where we're conditioned to focus on the negative and lack, today I'm simply choosing joy. Here's a list of all that I've grown to love about quarantine so far:

I love the slow and steady rise of morning; the moments when I open my eyes and remember there's no rush for me to dive into, no place for me to be, but the gift of time to ease into my day.

I love the first scent of coffee brewing, the lingering taste on my lips while opening a book I always wished I had more time for before life so drastically changed.

I love the birds singing in their choir outside, how I notice the beauty in their song, the freedom in their expression and how I too have a choice of what song I will sing.

I love the peace that comes from solitude. I look around my home and realize how lucky I am to have everything be just as it is now: my plants soaking up the sun, the breeze coming in through the kitchen window, frames filled with memories of loved ones, art I've bought over the years that make this space my own, and the sounds of nature outside, beckoning me to mirror its patience.

I love how I've reconnected with family and friends that I don't see or talk to that often, but through this isolation, have grown closer to even if through a screen. 

I love how I'm met with both the things I've taken for granted and all that I no longer want in my life. How amazing it is to have this time to pause and reflect on how I want to live my life going forward.

I love that I realize how comfortable I am in my own skin and how I treasure the moments shared with only myself. This makes me want to deepen my connection to who I truly am and who I desire to become.

I love that life will never be the same after this has passed and how that's a good thing. We all needed a break from the constant doing, the perpetual force forward with no awareness of the present. We are being awakened, we are being renewed, we are ascending into our highest selves.

I love that I see things more clearly now, how I know the true value of time and how I've often squandered it by indulging in mindless tasks, and yet, it is through that squandering that I've learned how precious each moment is.

I love that I can return to projects I always said I didn't have the time for but always wished I did. I now have time and I will no longer take it for granted.

I love that every day rolls into the next somewhat feeling the same, but not the way a workweek felt before, rather there's more freedom in my choices despite the absence of places to go to. I've discovered that since there's essentially no real place or thing to escape into, there's unlimited potential when I turn within. 

I love that when the media can thrive on feeding fear to its viewers that I will forever choose to remain in the light, to not be led astray into darkened alleyways and places that offer no refuge, rather the refuge I seek is forever within.

I love that I'm always choosing to stay here, in my own vibration of love, wholeness, serenity, and peace. I am always the home I can return to.

I love that I will forever share this space I believe in, regardless of how others perceive me to be, for I know that my truth forever lights the path I walk upon.

I love the gift of simply being.

For I will just be.


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