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An Update on My Book!

Here’s a little update on the process of self-publishing my book!

I’ve been meaning to write an update for a while since I last mentioned my decision to self-publish. I originally wanted to go the traditional route of publishing with landing a literary agent & publishing company, but discovered in the last year how hard it is to do so.

Thanks to the friends I’ve made on Instagram, I reached out to some fellow writers who are self-publishing their books & asked for advice.

My friend, Nicole Adair, who’s such a beautiful writer & whose posts inspire me daily, (check her out on Instagram @writenicolewrite) just released her first YA novel this summer and told me how freeing the process of self-publishing is. Instead of having a publisher dictate the direction, feel & timeline of your book, when you self-publish, you have complete creative control. She directed me to a website where I could hire professional services for self-publishing.

I searched the website, Reedsy, for an editor & found someone who felt like a perfect fit. She understood my voice and motivation for wanting to publish my book. She also has extensive experience within the self-help genre.

I hired her in the spring & since then have been working on editing my book - which I’ll admit has been really hard! 🙈 I’m learning a lot about myself not only as a writer, but as a human being from this process. I’ve noticed how often I’ll do anything other than what I have to do!

I wanted the publication date to be by October or November of this year, but it might be a little later now as I’m taking my time with the process - a huge benefit of self-publishing.

My editor inspired me to transform my book from a collection of poetry and prose to a prescriptive self-help book filled with journal prompts, exercises, meditations, & mantras for readers to experiment with. I’ve had so much fun creating meaningful mindfulness practices to incorporate throughout the book!

I’ll keep you posted as things move along! I just wanted to offer an update until then 🥰

Thank you for reading my words, for sharing this space with me & for your constant encouragement & support. It means the world to have you here & I’m eternally grateful.


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