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As Though You Were Just Birthed into This Life

Can you hear that? Are you listening? There's a robin in the distance, singing to the young morning sun. Listen closely. You can hear joy in her melody.

Did you see that? Are you watching? A squirrel just ran up ahead, chasing his partner to the top branches of a tall oak tree. You can see playfulness in their rummaging for breakfast.

Are you breathing that in? The smell of early spring? Sometimes on warm winter days, spring graces you with her floral aroma - a beckoning of flowers awaiting bloom.

Can you taste that? This moment? The stillness. The quiet. The space that you create when you're aware of yourself and everything around you. The potential of now.

Did you feel that? The goosebumps rising? Warmth against the back of your neck? The knowingness of what's within?

This is all for you. Everything. Each moment. Right now.

Are you opening yourself to it, dear one?

Are you letting yourself see?

There is so much for you, here. So much meant for you, if you allow yourself to be.

Become the observer.

Try not to expect or judge.

Simply witness each moment like it's your first time experiencing it.

Watch as new buds blossom,

heightened thoughts arise,

waves of joy come over you,

as though you were just birthed into this life.

As though you are finally being set free.


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