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This is your weekday reminder to BE WHERE YOU ARE.

Struggling to set January goals?

Feeling more relaxed than productive?

Don't know where your heart is?

Yes? Same here! And that's totally fine!

I didn't even set goals for the year yet, which I typically do within the first week of January.

When your mind rushes to the "next thing," gently bring yourself back into this moment and recognize that 2020 was a difficult year to handle. There's no need to push yourself toward anything you don't feel called to just yet. You made it through one of the most challenging years!

Take a breather and let yourself be.

This week has been a struggle for me. I'm not feeling the productivity and creativity. It's like my body and brain are on full vacay mode and the only thing I want to do is lie on a beach in the sun with a drink in hand. Is that my reality? Nope. But I'm choosing patience and peace over hustle and chaos throughout little moments of my day, and it helps.

Feel your emotions and listen to their guidance. If you're not up to it today, maybe there's a reason for your soul yearning for rest.

When you can listen to your heart and lead your life based on what you're feeling the most drawn to, you might end up surprised at how freeing it feels to trust your instincts.

Take it slow today, breathe in the present moment, discover gratitude for the seemingly ordinary existence we share, and simply be.

Sending you all love, x <3


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