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Honor How Far You've Come

Dear Danielle,

Do you remember this past January when you grabbed your journal and wrote a list of goals for yourself? Your top goal for the past seven years has been to publish a book. Do you remember writing those words for a seventh consecutive year and feeling doubtful in your ability to make it happen?

As much as you believed in yourself, you also didn’t think you’d commit to the hard work of self-publishing.

If we’re being honest, you made a habit of prioritizing your social life over writing. Every late night that led into a late morning inhibited your creativity for days and before you knew it, it was the weekend again, and your cycle of socializing continued. I don’t judge you for your choices. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when looking back at the past few years.

As you were living, you were creating experiences that became the foundation of your book. The more you lived, the more stories you had to tell. And even if those stories never turned into a book, you made decisions that felt right to you at the time. Stop second guessing & doubting yourself.

Now is the perfect time to publish your book. Do you want to know why?

Because you know what it takes to be self-disciplined. You’ve realized that the fulfillment of your dreams is in the work you’re avoiding, and you stopped avoiding your dreams. You spent countless weekends strapped to your desk, chugging coffee, and rushing through meals so you could write as much as you could for as long as you could.

You are comfortable in your skin and enjoy your company more than anyone else’s. You love who you are - truly love yourself - for the first time in your life. What better time to publish a book of personal stories and lessons than when you’re proud of everything you’ve experienced?

Take moments each day to honor how far you’ve come. This moment of publishing your first book only happens once. Don’t worry that it won’t look or feel perfect, because it won’t and it shouldn’t. Your beauty is in your willingness to share your vulnerabilities with the world - that is your superpower.

You are perfect. You are whole. You are continuously rising into who you were meant to be.




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