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Experimenting With New Ways of Being

I am a very introspective person who thinks and feels deeply. I am in a constant state of analysis and reflection which feels like a blessing some days, and others an annoying curse.

One positive takeaway from being actively sensitive and aware is that I am always measuring my growth and experimenting with new ways of being. I test out new perspectives and behaviors most weeks to see what feels best for me. I never want to limit myself to only one or a few ways of being.

Why restrict myself to think and act in specific ways when I am free to be flexible with how I show up in the world?

I view this process of experimenting with new ways of being like trying on new clothes. If a new perspective looks and feels great, then I'll wear it again. If a new behavior feels too constrictive or cheap, then I'll throw it away. I encourage you to try on different perspectives and behaviors too. It not only offers a reset on rote routines, but it inspires you to elevate your experience of life.

Here are a few perspectives and behaviors that I have experimented with recently.

1. My mom called me a "worrywart" when I was a kid. To this day it's hard for me to not worry about everything that can go wrong instead of focusing on everything that can go right. I'm generally an optimistic person, but I have a deep-rooted fear of not being able to handle difficult changes. I often anticipate myself handling challenges poorly and because of my fear of being unadaptable, I spend time imagining scenarios that never happened and most likely never will.

Lately when I catch myself worrying or living in the entrapments of my mind rather than the expansiveness of my heart, I stop what I'm doing, close my eyes, take a deep breath, place both hands on my heart, and reflect on everything that is going well in my life. I focus on my dreams and how amazing it will feel to achieve them. I see an image of myself smiling, standing in the sun, and trusting that all is always well. Even if I have to do this a few times throughout the day, it helps, because I'm training my mind to see the good rather than the bad. I'm reminding myself that I always have the power to choose what I'll think and how I'll feel.

2. I enjoy seeing the world through a magical lens. I often speak to God, the Universe, or my higher self - whatever terminology resonates with you - and ask for signs and inspiration throughout my day. I believe we live in a magical world; we have just lost our ability to see alchemy like we did when we were children.

The law of attraction has always proven itself to be true in my life, so some days I experiment with the power of my mind and energy and ask for specific things. For example, any time I've ever asked for more money, the opportunity to make money has presented itself. Whether a co-worker asked me to cover a bartending shift, a brand emailed me with an affiliate partnership opportunity, or a new freelance writing job presented itself, I have always received an answer through some shape or form.

Those opportunities didn't arrive the day I asked for them, but when I focused my attention on abundance, receiving, and trusting that I would make more money, I always increased my flow of money. You can experiment with asking for more aligned friendships, a better relationship with your boss, or more spontaneity and adventure.

Whatever it is that you want to focus on for the week, experiment with attaining your desires through the law of attraction. Remember, instead of just asking for what you want, you must feel the energy behind your aspirations. Believe that you already have what you're asking for and live with excitement for the creative ways the Universe will materialize your desires. It can be a fun process if you allow it to be!

3. Anger isn't an emotion that I feel often, but I have allowed myself to feel it recently. Most people view anger as a bad emotion that shouldn't be expressed. I have felt guilty for experiencing it in the past, which is why I buried it and tried to ignore it for as long as I could. But as with any trauma or emotion that gets buried in our bodies, it resurfaces until we dust it off and reflect on it.

Lately I let my anger boil, so I feel it to its full capacity. I don't shame myself for feeling it and I don't make it wrong. I sit with it. I let my body overheat. I feel my chest tighten. And I observe myself as judgments, fears, and sadness accompany it. If it gets too intense, I go for a long run and blast music that helps me release some of my anger. I imagine that as my feet hit the concrete, I release it and leave bits of it behind. I balance the heaviness of anger with moving my body to lessen its grip. If some still lingers, that's okay. I know I can handle it.

You have difficult emotions within you. We all do. Whatever challenges you currently face and whatever trauma or emotions you shoved down to ignore, maybe you can find a way to deal with them too? Can you trust yourself to handle your discomfort, even if you dip a toe in the deep end of your darkness? It can be difficult, but it's also cathartic, and if you don't allow yourself to feel your pain, when will you?

Balance your addiction to happiness with your desire to heal, grow, and learn from your wounds. You can ebb and flow between joy and healing. The two lean into each other. They are essential to life.

What are some perspectives and habits that you experiment with? I'd love to know. Reply to this email with your tips and tricks, and if you experiment with my suggestions, let me know your thoughts.

We're all in this together. Have a beautiful week as you try out different ways of being.


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