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For Peaceful and Vivid Dreams

I have this recurring dream of flying among clouds before ascending higher until I’m surrounded by starlight. Flickers and gleams cocoon me in a warm, orbital stream where I’m floating, gazing, transcending and becoming one with all the galaxies in the Universe.

I am all of the galaxies in the Universe. I am the Universe, too. So are you.

My body softens and melts until I’m stardust; incandescent, luminous, radiant, intense, golden. I can stretch my being to reach forever, for I am here, always and forever. Time is no matter to worry over for there is no beginning, no end. I can sail here through twilight and the afterglow for as long as my heart may wish. This moment is mine and only mine. 

For I never want to wake from this dream. My life is this dream, if I can remember this when I wake. I must remember this when I wake. Everything is temporary, nothing is permanent. We are ever so gently floating within and without worlds, for our flight on this Earth is one that is centuries old.

We are just visitors here, passing through space, learning as we go along, loving as we let other souls enter our rotation. Breathing as is our nature to inhale and let go.

Forgiving, forgetting, remembering, and then forgiving, forgetting and remembering again. 

We are born, we lose all memory of the ancient wisdom housed within the cells of our souls, stored like tiny seeds waiting to be watered and blessed so they too can burst like starlight and grow within us; to remind us of our ever expanding potential.

Oh, Universe, emboldened and brightened within and without me, please remind me when I wake that you are always sending me signals and signs through the repeated images and thoughts of my mind. Your nature is of love songs, of notes and mementos spread throughout the day, to send me peace as I go along my way. You tell a story that only I can read, for it is embedded within the way I look, how I walk among the trees.

The trees are ancient ancestors whispering their secrets to me. I listen with each passing season, with the growing and falling of their leaves. I sit at sunset and watch the sky ablaze, the pinks and purples, yellows and golds, all alike in their array, reflecting the light that’s within. I ask the sun as it sets to set its warmth on me, to shower me in rays of ardor, to bow its beams straight into the center of me.

Awaken me, oh moon, as you ascend into the sky. Glorious in all your splendor, beautiful as you climb. I know you see me, as I see you. I recognize your recognition. I remember how not too long ago, I was your one ambition. To glow, to gleam, to sparkle, your mystery down on me. I watched as you reached wholeness, as you sung sweet love songs to me.

I know the nature of this life for its nature is of me. I trust myself as I trust the moon, her phases are the cycles of me. 

I am ready to become who I was meant to be. 

I am open and willing, I am already free.

Free to think, free to choose, free to perceive life as I see.

I live, I love, I am me.


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