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I don't know why I write about love and heartbreak the most. It's not as though every poem I write were about you, or him, or someone I haven't met yet.

I write about love, the way its coursed like a river through me, sculpting an inner landscape with open channels and rooted barricades; how its cleansed and purified me when I needed awakening.

Sometimes I choose a memory and focus on one emotion from it; like retracing my steps to discover a lost item, I travel back through time and stumble upon one part of the trail. I wander into the feelings attached to you, to that moment of my life, and like a sudden opening in the sky, the words fall out of me.

They may not always be true to our history, but they are validated in the story my heart wants to tell; the tales I hope you need to hear.

You see, my writing is not always a reflection of all that's happened to me or all that I presently feel, but rather writing to me is a gateway, a hidden doorway, leading me to a well of emotion, memory, humanness and connection, until my words find their way to you.


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