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Harnessing the Power of Mondays

Here are a few things I’m experimenting with this week:

Slowing down and being in the flow of my life. In the spirit of gratitude, I want to remember my blessings and be fully present to them. What’s the point of life if we rush through our days without taking the time to recognize everything that makes our day-to-day worlds beautiful and meaningful?

Seeing the positive rather than the negative and focusing on what’s working rather than what’s not. I notice how easy it is to look in the mirror and be upset by a blemish or to get frustrated by the tasks I didn’t complete rather than relish in all the achievements I’ve already accomplished. It takes conscious effort to rewire your brain to see what’s present rather than what’s lacking and what you love about yourself rather than what you dislike.

Remembering how temporary all of this is. When I get swept away in negative thinking or wishing my life were different, I remember that this moment is fleeting. Everything is fleeting. Things could change instantly and if that were to happen, did I spend my time enjoying what I have, who I’m with, and what I’m doing or did I waste it by wishing my circumstances away?

Do you create intentions for a new week?

Do you harness the power of Mondays to experiment with new mindsets and ways of being?

Let me know what you want to work on this week. I’d love to experiment with some of your ideas too!

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1 Comment

Isabella Dipaola
Isabella Dipaola
Jun 23, 2023

Dear Ms. Bertoli,

I just wanted to let you know, I recently saw your work at a local craft fair and I found everything absolutely inspirational. At the time, I didn't say anything, after all I was 13 (technically I'm 14 now because my birthday was about a week ago)! One day I hope to have published something, and you seem like such a strong, genuinely kind person that I just wanted to stop by your blog and say thank you.


an impressed kid :)

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